Neumann TLM 49
Neumann TLM 49
Bear2Beer 10/06/2011

Neumann TLM 49 : Bear2Beer's user review

«  Small diamonds in the voice »

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Electrostatic transformerless cardioid (tlm). It just does not regret the single directivity and the lack of attenuation. Supplied with suspension. Its cardboard box is more than enough to store in the studio.


I agree completely Phil29's opinion. Personally, I tested it on RME preamps (OctaMic) presonus (Digimax), Neve (5012), and Universal Audio (Slice 6176), it is this association that really satisfies me. I found it curious and nasal sound on the first preamp very clean, the AU is open, warm, expressive and versatile, but still it is mostly the voice that he excels, although recovery amp (guitar and bass) he does, too, is sharp and can pack quite a mix. To voice the opposite, it is rather mild, with clear sound without Sybil what I research. It's modern but classy with the grain of Neumann. It also affects the mix in this use. If you want to make you happy: UA610 + TLM49.
In my case having one is enough.