Neumann TLM 49
Neumann TLM 49
Jiem_971 04/08/2012

Neumann TLM 49 : Jiem_971's user review

«  very good mic for voice »

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Neumann TLM 49, a dedicated mic on vocals and the vocals ... everything has already been said in previous reviews

transformerless condenser microphone, which gives it a very low noise (12dBA) and is cardioid


I use it for 4 months, I tried it with my 3 preamps (Tube Tech MP1-A, Universal Audio LA 610 and Avalon VT 737 SP), it also deserves a good mic preamp to be highlighted: with the MP1-A sound is "soft and warm" as described in Neumann, not at all aggressive, a wonderful mid-bass; with the Avalon, the sound is very colorful and Dedini, the microphone and the side "silk effect" of the preamp goes well, with The 610 is very very good, the microphone transcribed the nuances of the preamp 610 (well this and fat, or more clear and clean).

this microphone provides the sound and the recognizability of Neumann microphones, a clear, well defined, with the slight bump to 3/4 KHz. However, the TLM 49 has its character, its not an aggressive, a hint of vintage (mediums are present without being mushy) which recall almost a tube sound, yet it does not micro.

we feel that the microphone has been designed for the vocals, it is worth its price. there is a range over a TLM 103 even if it is not a U87 (though). comparison with the M 149 is plausible, the two levels are close bcp sound reproduction, as well as the capsule of the TLM 49 is identical to that of Neumann prestigious (M 49, M 50 and U 47 qd same!)

very good mic, I'm happy :)