RODE Broadcaster
noWwW 03/17/2011

RODE Broadcaster : noWwW's user review

«  What joy! »

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Value For Money : Excellent
• $ mike.
• Typical use: close.
• Directivity Cardioid.
• Acceptable pressure: 128 dB.


I use it for almost a month of fairly intensive, I used to do radio and prods.

I tried several models more or less the same technology or not. I tested the Podcast (micro USB) I rapidementvendu because the sound was just inéexploitable I put the hours in the process and have something worthwhile. I also tried the SM7 I searched me.

I use a dbx 286a aec and frankly it's just happiness to the ears! it only needs refinishing can see no editing on the EQ and sound application of 50 radio behind compressors, the dbx input and pti point on the runway and of course a multiband hop in general and its a pti broadcast as I love them. He looks strong, he has a rather plain design.

What I like most?! I would say a priori the reliability of his breath he does not does not sound like a mess.

I like the least?! clip microphone that is just super galley has set and the little trick to know if we're on air or not (at the same time when you took up your slice you have ...) it's a little gadget and it also prevents the use of a suspension.

value for money is excellent even nine. Good said there rode a filter integrated pop advice but I still use at least a good windscreen.

Yes I would do without the choice problem and I think fit my stock these pickups when I funding. Note 9 out of 10 because of the crappy clip!