Angus_fr 10/04/2003

Samson Technologies C01 : Angus_fr's user review


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Dabord then I must say that I had to file a notice flem, but seeing one of the igh idiot that I immediately decided. He lad ken if you use you this micro hear you take a piss appointment in ear, nose, pck acouphnes of thee!


I had this micro 150 with the suspension, I was advised by a guy who spends his time in the studio and has done a lot of dej miking with the C01.

I dabord use this microphone to make an acoustic guitar, and the result bf a lot but I try recement of a female voice with the transistor preamp and compressor for my korg D1600, and frankly I was on ass, despite a big blow preamp and compressor to compensate for the voice trs pretty but shy of my guinea pigs: no noise, and an incredible heat especially in low-medium, and say that I listen to the speakers firing of a plastic mini hi philips 1000 has balls, I'm pretty excited to see what gives her a pair of monitor home and with my Alesis preamp presonus lamp BLUETUBE home.

In addition I saw this on a site 75 micro direct sales Germany, then frankly you need?