Shure KSM27
Shure KSM27

KSM27, Large diaphragm condenser microphone from Shure.

JayDMusic 07/18/2010

Shure KSM27 : JayDMusic's user review

« I. Love. This. Mic. »

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This is a fantastic, silver, cardioid condenser mic. It's got so much mic packed in a small little case with three EQ options that make your vocals sound crisp, warm and clear. It's an XLR microphone, requiring the use of an interface, analog-to-digital converter, mixer, or standalone preamp. It's an amazing recording mic.


Overall, I love it. I love it more than my unborn son. It's my go-to mic for everything vocal. I have rappers, singers, talkers, people who just speak and let the mic do the rest. I love this mic mainly for its ability to EQ just perfectly. It has an option for a heavy roll-off in the lower ranges, or a softer one. I choose the softer one, and it rivals a Neumann. My friend who owns both a Neumann and a KSM27 recommended this mic to me, and I got it the next day. This mic is a fantastic piece of engineering. The box is packed precisely with everything you need including a unique shockmount with good elastics that will not come undone like most other shockmounts, and it's very easy to install the shockmount on the mic stand and the mic in the shockmount. Overall, with the exception of a Neumann, I wouldn't have it any other way.