stompboxjon 08/30/2012

The T.bone SC1100 : stompboxjon's user review

« For Vocals or Acoustic Guitar »

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The T.Bone SC1100 is a large diaphragm microphone with switch able omni, figure eight and cardioid patterns. I have used several similar microphones from this line like the Rode NT 1 and Studio Projects C1. The T.Bone SC 1100 didn’t really stick out to me that much when I was first looking at the specs of it. But after getting the chance to use it, I could hear why everyone else was loving this microphone. The T.Bone SC 1100 never gave me a bad recording at all, it wasn’t the price that I wanted it to be, but I still fished out the money and got my hands on it and still own it to this day. I do not use it as much though. It will work and sound great when using it with vocals or recording that acoustic guitar melody you just wrote!


I use the T. Bone SC 1100 with my M Audio 8TR interface and record into Pro tools. I am on my Mac Book Pro most of the time I am recording with this microphone. The SC1100 seems to be pretty well built and has held up well over the last few years. If you are looking into purchasing this microphone, I suggest saving up a little more money and going to a little better microphone. Because when you put the money out for the T.Bone SC1100 there is a small price gap between the next level of microphones up. So 100 more dollars could get you a big jump in recording quality if you can just hold off and save up a little more. But there is no doubt that this microphone is great for your home set up and it comes in a great design and well built. It is a win either way you go with this mic!