dzip 07/20/2004

The T.bone SC1100 : dzip's user review


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-3 Polarity capsule, cardiovascular, and two omni
Lo-cut at 100Hz I believe 6dB/oct
Spl-max was 0.5% THD at 1000Hz: 125dB
T-bone-sc 1100 c makes an electronic mic SE-Z 3300 (, c the same factory that makes components ...
-Finishing and impeccable presentation, suspension and aluminum case included. Attention has micro heavy use with a good start!
Good electron-


I took a pair I use DPS 7 months for various classic live recording, pianno, oh battery, ac Guitard, violin, cello, bass, vocals .. various types of medium O2R console, Mackie 24:8:2, behringer2442 ... and I was very pleasantly surprised, the mic sounded very good, good presence, good clarity (small bump at about 5 to 7 or 8 khz) very beautiful and very precise deep bass (rare) and acute DEFINED dutout not aggressive.

I was very surprised at the definition of the image in stereo rec couple image is very large and precise, om the dynamics are very well made, very good battery in oh, for he made jazz You just kick and snare an apt and it sounds directly, a treat.

j I compared the mic with:

AKG 300 b-ck to 91,
C-AKG 414 uls
AKG C-200 ...

SC1100 is the result at the NT2 and 414 except that it costs less than 2X and 4X rhode UNLESS a home akg 414


200 euro a piece of happiness c we obtain results as good as with the references of its kind studio akg, rhode, audio technica ... I urge

good rec