tono 08/02/2003

The T.bone SC1100 : tono's user review


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Static capacitor, triple directional, low-cut, 125 dB max, multiple uses


I took a pair from Thomann (considering the price, the risk was low), and there .... I'm amazed. The sound of the voices in cardioid is hot, with a small lump of presence, well detailed, and super quality, the acoustic guitar is very convincing, both in cardio bidirectionnel.Il that is also in comfortable for overheads, of Charles, or a snare to balais.Par against it does not cash at all pressures (snare, toms, bass drum). Couples stereo environments, the report is very detailed and delivered naturel.La suspension is very effective and is making hulk (one mic low-end bend under its weight !!!). The only small problem, a poor fit of the thread of the suspension on a copy ... Nothing ... This is too serious disadvantages of the made in china ... But what interests us (sound), 200 Euros each, this is the bargain of the century!