The T.bone SC400 : Anonymous 's user review

«  for the home studio excellent value for money »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Characteristics see other opinions.
I bought it as a beginner, to see if it was better to save my home stage microphones. The answer is clear: it is the day and night. Let me explain. This mic is super sensitive. he heard footsteps on the floor. So taking care to protect the sound recording (I'm not in a studio still there cars that pass down my apartment), and although you hear many things that did not get my micro Scene same price (Shure PG57 and PG58). Finally my guitars have nice harmonics for saturations which was not true for the PG series (I play with a tube amp, and PG gave a side transistors to overdrive ... grrrr). I record at home I do not blow up the twin to my background and I have a super nice saturation. this is the first essential for clean sounds it is true it is beautiful. For voice I also use, and it works well for harmonicas. In fact I use it for everything except for the bass or I go into DI.


I use it at least two years, it became the micro enregisterment my Ynco group. our latest songs are recorded and placed on the net with this microphone, you can judge for yourself (JM blues Subtittle, Cesium 137 ... etc). it remains a good microphone market, we have no professional pretensions, we are amateur musicians who wish to make their very own music without breaking the bank. To listen to https://www.reverbnation.com/ynco

A reproach to him, yes, there could be more dynamic, more bass, but after I have no great preamp 1000 roro, but somehow put a mic preamps 60 euros in 1000 it roro useless.

So I definitely recommend this purchase if you want to buy a studio microphone if you have a limited budget or as first purchase, you will discover with this microphone while a part of the record that you do not necessarily know a microphone stage even good (SM58-type).