zotri 11/30/2006

The T.bone SC400 : zotri's user review


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The SC400 is a transistor condenser microphone, hypercardioid.

I use it to catch voice, acoustic guitar, amp and transplanted ... tambourine.

I would not put a note in it is a condenser microphone which ^ ^

Oh look, if I have to note. Bon bah I put the same notes that while overall opinion.


- I use it for several months. Gender, uh ... 8 months.

I am not in trs cal condenser microphone. I often use the SM 58, 57 less often, least often stuff that I know how a name is not even in any case everything is dynamic microphones.
And I use it with the card M-Audio Solo, so that the pramp gnial must not be, but I know anything about that kind of stuff. Brefle.

Ngatifs points first:
- It's probably more pramp the microphone, but saturates quickly. With the same level as a minimum on the card, the microphone saturates every stroke of the drum, and I have to my place quite far from it. However, even if a sometimes saturates the rcoute was no big CLIC and it coutable.
Fortunately this problem does not appear for the taking of other instruments.
So for the guitar (electric or acoustic) no such problem as it is for voice and rgl (knowing that I do not even anti-pop - I m make it a with bits of sticky), it must grate distance mouth / microphone according to the song (mine is not homogne, sometimes I cry sometimes it's normal, and often when I cries without a few m'loigner centimtres a saturated).
As you will understand I am not a pro veneer condenser microphone (although the tutorial site that made me express neat stuff) and another default that I will give the microphone is little lack of bass. It's still "touch" with EQ.
Finally, there is a low-cut indoor the microphone (you must dvisser the chassis to enable it), and I find it a little pointless. M'enfin.

- First course: THE PRICE.
Deuxime in place despite my lack of experience: the limpid clarity of the sound.
The microphone does not breath even with a big win, the clamp holds it (I read below the micro slip but ... well not: p)
Trs plugs are used, the sound for the voice is really good trs. Like McDonald's, "I'm loving it" ^ ^
As it is a condenser microphone, you have to place the microphone for sound cool on an acoustic amp for the transplanted. Anyway today, I always t satisfied with the sc400. And even better: ds I find that the sound does not have enough scale, I use a compressor VST good quality and it's magic. I just do not need a better sound. Hallelujah sc400. And I never n'exagre.

With exprience ... Difficult to say. There's lots of static cheap and I know none, except this one now. But must say that, even among the lowest prices, a static 59 it's hard to find.
So in conclusion, with the exprience, well ... I have enough for our answer.