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Thread PEAVEY PV6 USB Mixer

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I am using the peavey pv6 usb mixer. My gear is a dean vendetta guitar, yamaha dgx keyboard, alesis dm6 5pc electronic drum kit w/cymbals dell computer (windows xp) REAPER recording software. O.K. I was practicing the drums three days ago...no problems. Yesterday I wanted to lay some guitar tracks so I connected my guitar to my zoom g1n effects pedal, this I connected to channel one on the mixer. When I put the headphones on I got the surprise of my life...I could hear the drum patterns I had been playing three days ago. To be sure this was not coming from the computer I disconnected the usb cable from the mixer to the computer, next I checked to be sure that the drums were not connected to the mixer. to be sure that this was an actual signal I was hearing i opened up Audacity and was actually able to make a recording. I then checked each line on the mixer and the signal was present in all the lines. Now for the weird part...when I connected the drum cable to channel one the signal stopped, however, when I connected the guitar cable to line two the signal was there. After a moment of careful consideration i removed the guitar from the zoom pedal which has apparently developed a few issues of it's own...needles to say the problem went away. So... here's the question..how was the mixer able to store the sounds of my practice session and how was the zoom effects pedal able to trigger it?
problem solved ...signal was coming from the zoom g1n effects pedal.