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Thread Can you tell if a microphone is failing?

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1 Can you tell if a microphone is failing?
I am looking at an issue of a microphone that is outputting very low signal levels to the DAW through the USB audio interface. I can't tell if the mike is failing or the pre-amp on the audio interface.

Would a failing mike drastically reduce its signal level by 80 to 90%? I checked all the settings in the OS and updated the drives of the interface and its made no difference. Is there a good way to troubleshoot/test the mike using an ohm meter without taking it all apart?

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Use the process of elimination to figure out where the problem lies: if you haven't already, try a different mic cable. If the problem persists, try connecting another mic into your preamp and DAW. If it also has problems, you'll know the issue isn't the mic. Or bring the mic over to a friend's studio and try it there (don't use the same cable). If you have the same problem, but your friend's mic works fine through the same signal chain, then your mic is the culprit. Good luck!
will try. the issue is its one of those fostex mikes and the cable is attached to the mike so you cant really try different cables. i could have sworn when i used it in the past the signal was not that weak but then again i was using it on a different equipment. just was wondering if a heavy signal drop is sometimes a symptom of a failing mike.