Magix Music Maker 2014
Magix Music Maker 2014

Music Maker 2014, Loop Sequencer from Magix in the Music Maker series.

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Fieu59 04/13/2014

Magix Music Maker 2014 : Fieu59's user review

«  To start in music and more after ... »

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Trouble-free installation, you just do not check additional software that is useless (simplicheck)


I use it on an old P4 3GHz, 1GB RAM, Win XP.
It runs pretty well, but not be too overloaded but as I have I have not enough experience.


I just got it a few days ago.
I wanted a software that is easy to use, which runs on XP, in French.
I tried other software, but it's either English, too complicated or not suitable for my needs, is limited (freeware) or when it does not work on XP.
I think it allows you to start music in a playful manner with just the loops are provided. You can then use virtual instruments automatic or deal with a keyboard (I have a LPK25).
What I like is that it has everything we need.
At home, my children 9 to 16 years and use it too.
I find the version 99 € too expensive for what it offers and the normal version a bit too (59 €) but I suggest to wait and subscribe to our newsletter to receive specials and coupon. That's what I did, I took advantage of a promotion (music maker music studio 2014 + 2 + 2 dvds soundpool) and a voucher of € 10 for all less (42 € FdP).
And the normal version of enough for me.
I would do without this choice problem.