Native Instruments Maschine Mikro MKI
Native Instruments Maschine Mikro MKI

Maschine Mikro MKI, Loop Sequencer from Native Instruments in the Maschine series.

Public price: $399 VAT
djfacile 09/08/2012

Native Instruments Maschine Mikro MKI : djfacile's user review

«  Ultimate prefection! ! Impressive Sound! »

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The installation is no problem!
Manual! Here's the default one! PDF
For an expert like me, we found it very quickly, but there will still even a few shortcuts that will fetch it.
For a Beginner, I STRONGLY advised to print on the 265 pages!
Because learning by switching to the pdf software it is crap!


J # uses a Pentium Laptop with Intel Core Duo 2 x 2,2 Ghz, $ GO Ram and it does not bug forever, if I finally serious abuses on its VST Synth nonmbre, this can bugger a bit, but C # is very rare!
The software is absolutely beautiful and ultra clear and ultra-smooth.


1 month I use and no longer uses it. A small midi keyboard can be a practical side to compose melodies more complex, but not necessary, because the mode keyboard works perfectly.
I possess an Akai MPC 2000XL, a elektron, A Electribe ESX, Arturia Spark A. No weight does the opposite it in terms of production and especially sound.
The sound is huge and the word is, if you pay or extension of sound, it is delirious, meat (I speak in particular of extension which I reserve the name, because I'm the jealously guarded secret.
Extension costing 49 Euro, there are 7 ((your registration you receive an online voucher of 25 Euros) so the first 24 Euros is a gift (look at the demo on Youtube RSS).
Rpport the money is more than excellent, No Latency, jump on Pattern
Group kit sounds, mute it solo with ease .. c_est honey. Even for the Live is perfect (you need just a little guy controlling alkai PD8 if you want to live tweeker effects) Currently seen the arrival of the mk2 destock it was 199 euros and at this price it is A Must! I precise that the only novelty of the MK2 Maschine pads are color groups (and it is not really something that I will miss) for nomads like me, my maschine Mikro is perfect for a less nomadic big Maschine is even better, but except for the effects controllers, 2 maschines are Identical! I referrai this choice one million times! This is the default bullet Zero!