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Sony ACID Pro 7
Sony ACID Pro 7

Loop Sequencer from Sony belonging to the Acid series

Thread how to convert my cs1x keyboard to controller for use in acid pro 7

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1 how to convert my cs1x keyboard to controller for use in acid pro 7
I have a yamaha cs1x synth that i want to convert to a midi controller keyboard to be able to control/play soft synths(vst,s) in acid pro 7.I have connected the midi out of the cs1x to the midi in on my pc,s soundcard emu 04/04,set the little slider on the back of the cs1x to midi pc and thats about it.Im quite new to all this so any detailed simple help to set this all up would be great appreciated.Look forward to any replies and thanks in advance.
I'd first check that MIDI is getting into the interface. The 0404 has MIDI status lights, so check to see that they're lighting up when you hit a note on the CS1. Assuming that they are, make sure you've enabled the keyboard in Acid's settings. Here's a link to an Acid Pro help site with specific instructions on setting up MIDI keyboards http://acidpro.helpmax.net/en/how-do-i/how-to-set-up-a-midi-keyboard/. Hope that helps.

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ive managed to get the keyboard to play the soft synth in acid but the key i press on the cs1x is not the same key thats highlighted on the soft synths keyboard layout but its a step in the right direction as i know both acid and the soft synth is reconizing the cs1x midi signal any ideas so i can make them both the same note.
Have you checked whether your keyboard is set to transpose? That could be your problem.
Thanks for your reply just had a look at the synth and the manual there is no transpose button but it does say in performance mode you can transpose the built in sounds up or down three octives by holding down shift and part layer and then there is a note saying that these alterations will effect the sounds in the utility modes keyboards transpose mode which is what it needs to be set to to play the soft synths vst so will give that a try when i get home tonight fingers crossed il let you know.:D:
Just to let you know tried that transpose switch and it worked my keyboard all lined up correctly with the keys on my soft synth now thanks again bud.:D: