Bdlf 04/25/2011

DigiTech JamMan : Bdlf's user review

" Very handy"

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see instructions on the digitech site. Drum fairly short - but it is not his role.


Using a simple medium, you must still read the manual once (or two). The manual is clear and easy to use once the principles are understood. You have to play well "square" so that the sequencing of loops.
The only difficulty - for my taste - still adjusting levels of loops: after 3 overlays, the first track is sometimes inaudible. I always use the standard "INST" the highest possible.
A very convenient: changing tempo without altering pitch.
Having 99 tracks (with memory card max) is also quite convenient, it can be used in two: one with no parents, the other with the descendants, making 50 tracks each.


Used with an electric or electro-acoustic guitar. The sounds are of a more than adequate for my usage: loop recording to play along, or mp3 song to accompany them. Very useful when playing alone, can do duets alone, or a rhythm guitar and a solo.
We can play with an amp behind, or PC speakers, or headphones.


I use it for 4 years, I hesitated with the equivalent model from BOSS (I forget the name) but I found it secondhand in 1. Very handy when you do not group with me, lets play "alone several. It can be used with a PC, I've never tried, to save the mp3 I put the headphones on input "AUX INPUT" and it runs (it's not terrible to stall the pace, but it enough for me).

With experience, I would do this choice.