DigiTech JamMan
DigiTech JamMan

JamMan, Looper from DigiTech in the JamMan series.

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moosers 05/21/2009

DigiTech JamMan : moosers's user review


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The DigiTech JamMan is a looper pedal designed for players who want to sample and loop parts over each other. It is a digital unit that provides a great deal of control over what you can do. While most people use it for guitar, in addition to 1/4 inch connections it has an XLR mic input as well for vocals. It also has a USB port and is powered by the power supply that comes with it. It isn't a rack mountable piece of gear as it is a foot pedal.


The configuration of the DigiTech JamMan isn't too hard to understand and figure out, although there are a lot of features available. The pedal has knobs for loop level, rhythm level, mic level, and instrument level, as well as a slew of buttons for various controls. It has two separate foot switches - one for recording and overdubbing and one for stop and tempo tapping. While this isn't the simplest pedal to use, its vast array of parameters make it a versatile pedal that contains a ton of great features. The manual for this pedal is thorough and is a good idea to have if you are new to this type of pedal.


The sound of the DigiTech JamMan is fine and suitable for what it does. It will portray your samples accurately and with the same sound quality that they are played at. I've used this pedal both with electric guitar and a microphone and I'm always happy with the way things turn out. While the direct and instrument inputs will record at a much higher quality than microphone, all of the recording possible with this pedal sounds pretty good.


I've only had the DigiTech JamMan for about six months, but I've been very happy with it since I've had it. I love recording and looping parts over each other as its not only a cool and interesting thing to do, but helps me to write and get ideas for songs. The price of the DigiTech JamMan isn't cheap, but if you are someone who loves to loop things and will use it a lot I believe its worth the price for the serious player. This is one of the best looping pedals I've seen and used out there as I like it better than the Boss looper. I highly recommended giving this pedal a try if you are big into guitar sampling and looping.