DigiTech JamMan
DigiTech JamMan

JamMan, Looper from DigiTech in the JamMan series.

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kluck 07/30/2005

DigiTech JamMan : kluck's user review


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Looper Sampler globally with the same ergonomics as the competing product (RC20)
The memory is expandable (CompactFlash) card book 128 MB allows 24 minutes of sample. (He swallows cards up to 2 Gb or more than 6 hours)
the samples are stored on computer via a USB port
ATTENTION unlike here LEXICON not sync noon, but the size of memory and the ability to transfer on the computer to store its audio loops directly into the JamMan
The sound is not bad with a 44.1 KHz sample rate or the competition is a 32 KHz
99 memory backup location on the map that you can see coming
plus ca al air sturdy (in case mtal)


Operation is simple (note I have been entitled to the doc in English)
Saw the ability to undo the last overdub just by pressing the pedals on the left
Saw the ability to change the preset route ca allows to have the bridge of the song to another bank and change the flight (a condition to buy the external switch) change n'tant r Ellement fact that the end of the loop that keeps the tempo.


No problem Quait of sound, I have a long test with my Vigier on my Fender blackface and frankly it does, much better than the competition (RC20) which tended to crush the sound of the guitar


I have since ... 24 h
I have compared with the RC20 and there is no picture
A bit expensive but hey it 379 just to arrive.

I think for the scne pdalier external indispensable if we want prparer loops in advance.