Epiphone Les Paul Standard
Epiphone Les Paul Standard

Les Paul Standard, LP-Shaped Guitar from Epiphone in the Les Paul series.

The_Missing_Dude 05/25/2007

Epiphone Les Paul Standard : The_Missing_Dude's user review


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It's a Les Paul, everyone knows ...

But, as amended by luthier with:

-Non Don Lace sleeve
-Non Lace Sensor Red Dual easel

-Chevalet Wilkinson rollers, large bridges rglables race
-stop Fine tuning Vaccaro bar (very rare) that adds body to the sound because it has more of matter and DETAILEDREPORT in the mass.

-Mcaniques Black Grover locking quick assembly ropes

and stationary belt buttons Strap-Lock history it does not fall on stage.

Without forgetting the wood lighter than a conventional standard.
I'd list as Les Paul changes because everything that is not a standard at all, despite the opinion of modrateur who did not have tried before judge:-)


It is always a Les Paul ...

However, it is more lightweight, so the shoulder hurts less:-) , but the sound is not to suffer, far from.


The highlight, thanks to the many changes.
Forget epiphone you have experienced, it SONNE and sends it right.
Between Rock Jazz very round and very dense, nothing ADOPTED.


Superb guitar, very beautiful, the table is beautiful flame maple.
This is a rel happy to have it in your hands.
I've had two years, I still love.
I tried a lot of epiphone before, they do not make weight ct:-)