Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top
Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top

Les Paul Standard Plus Top, LP-Shaped Guitar from Epiphone in the Les Paul series.

rhum66 06/13/2013

Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top : rhum66's user review

«  A nice little LES PAUL ringing »

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Guitar made in 2008 in China, factory Digpao (100 pins over Shanghai on the coast ...).
I bother to post to "standart +" because many people post just anywhere.
This is the Les Paul series that preceded the "most top".
The latter (the most top ...) have microphones splits and new pickups Burstbuckers Epi. which are very good.

GROVER mechanical, hardware store quite correct.
The neck profile is thin (Slim Type) in C.
A pleasant surprise for me that has small hands and suffers the pluparts of non GIBSON profiles "slim type".
22 Frets, Pickups Epiphone Alnico Classic (version of the classic Epiphone Gibson 57).
No split pickups like the "More top" version of 2013.
I note well this guitar (9 excellent), the finishes are VERY good (see photos) and all consistent without significant weakness.
Note: Mahogany body into 4 parts, it shows very little on the rear portion of the body, but will detect a sophisticated look without problem.
No information on the length of the tenon of the handle.
The maple top is plated with a maple leaf flame biien very connected to the body axis.
The Chinese who did the varnish is very gifted, the honey burst is beautiful.
The rear body has got a nice dark brown varnish recalling Gibson varnish "walnut" the 335 of 70 years.


As I said earlier, the neck is thin (a variety slim type), it allows you to play without having to adapt his game as the baseball neck, which I do not play as significant pain in Metacarpal each time.
action can be set very low without frieze, the neck is perfectly straight and cash his 10-46.Il is constructed in two parts, the head is glued on the handle (very own connection).
The access to acute, ie beyond the 15 th of the box, the application technique and hand "made" to lead (pressure) I would ...
A beginner will find access unaffordable, an advanced player will come out even if it is not the "stratosphere" comfort.
I plugged in a Fender Deluxe Reverb RI 65 is one of the best reference for blues rock, and the amp is 90% of its ...
So the sound is just barrel through this amp.
Not sure if this is the case in a low-end amp.

The alnico classic are very good when it is confined to blues to classic rock (stones), with a tube screamer and a delay, it was a very nice sound for spinning lead.
The clean sounds are also usable, The Fender Jazz warms and is very accessible on the neck pickup with reduced tone.


As said above, the sound through a good tube amp, and in the limit of gain is limited to stonien Crunches will be flawless, especially on the bridge pickup, very well defined lead crunch.On notes, however, that the neck pickup lacks a bit of bite (dynamic) and precision, but it is light and tolerable for me.
Note For the crunch blues when I push the TS 8008 thoroughly, I also push the tone of it thoroughly in the treble, and I cut the bass and the amp up the treble on the amp to 8 .
It really is with this type of setting the next "too soft and medium" of these acute micros.Tout is compensated restore their "pep" and the sound is very good.
I'm not an amp with M. .., this can be achieved, so for me this guitar is good and adjustable "better" through the amp.


Since shortly.
I am a player Strat and Telecaster but I needed the "heavy Les Paul" and cheap.
I inquired, I tried the Tokai china less than 500 Euros, and Epiphones "More top" in 2013, I also Locate very good (great Burstbucker pickups epiphone ...), including Customs ... the handle is a little off in the treble (especially on standards, less on customs) is described as a slim type, but it is wider than my 2008.
And then I came across a great announcement: an Epiphone LP standard "plus" in 2008, honey burst, which almost new owner did not want, I would even want to get rid for 200 euros with the body ... What's not ... When I tested the handle and finesse and saw the finish very general taste, I immediately took ... despite amplification of M. .. when buying.
Otherwise I would have taken a top in 2013, probably burts honey, or white custom.

Below is the test that I posted on YOU TUBE (. Config sound as described above):