Epiphone Les Paul Ultra III
Epiphone Les Paul Ultra III

Les Paul Ultra III, LP-Shaped Guitar from Epiphone in the Les Paul series.

justplug08 12/05/2012

Epiphone Les Paul Ultra III : justplug08's user review

«  Be careful! »

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Asian construction, the violin is quite nice, the wood of the table is beautifully flamed. Channel pleasant quality fittings.

No problem for most electronics. No cracks, progressive level settings. Mics respond well. No problem on the 3 position push-pull for the selection of micro acoustic humbuckers and a mixture of two microphones, the passage from one to the other is inaudible!

The bridge and the tune-o-matic can sustain correct ... no more.


The handle is very nice! Satin finish that allows sliding Royal!
Good access to acute, the guitar sounds good in electrical configuration.

The mixture of acoustic micro humbuckers and offers a very interesting. At once sweet and bright, very effective rhythm.

Against by the microphone sound alone is disappointing, the picking is not persuasive ...


Huge problem: even after adjusting the tune-o-matic maximum spacing, with an action shot unplayable, a horrible crimp on the strings of the bass mid and between the twelfth and sixteenth box. It is irreversible on the guitar I ordered!

Line6 pod HD300 played with, no way to catch the shot even with effects set to the millimeter!

It's really sad because this guitar would have been worth the detour.


I have not kept this guitar, I tried many other models before buying ... G & L, Fender, Gibson.

Really the quality of the handle (righteousness) is not waiting for you! I do not understand how this type of instrument can pass quality tests?

I do not have that choice again and I preferred to spend my path and request a refund rather than an exchange.

I do not necessarily recommend this guitar very versatile, but I warn about frisages (very present with the micro acoustic). Take the time to test this guitar on all strings and all positions!