Epiphone Les Paul Ultra III
Epiphone Les Paul Ultra III

Les Paul Ultra III, LP-Shaped Guitar from Epiphone in the Les Paul series.

Ryuhazan 04/17/2013

Epiphone Les Paul Ultra III : Ryuhazan's user review

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Once there, I compared the Ultra III (made in China) to my Gibson Les Paul Studio (made in U.S.). I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the Epiphone which I find (almost) as good as my Studio.

The big downside I read everywhere: crimping some strings. At the end of the box, only my code E frieze serious when I scratch like a nag. Otherwise I find the strings low enough for my taste. So I have not had any problems with mine. I'll still see my luthier to fix everything.

The color in Vintage Sunburst is beautiful! This Epiphone is not ashamed to face a Gibson Studio! In addition, with its hollow chambers, the Epiphone is any slight. This will be a treat for my back during long concerts ;)


We find here a Les Paul but you can transform using micro Piezo Nanomag included. I know pretty well Piezo pickups, I have a Godin Solidac and my Gibson has a Piezo system GraphTech. The problem I had with piezo is that the sound is very sharp and I think this is due to the fact that the sensors are located at the bridge. With no tone controls on these guitars, I had some sounds rotten when lives. With the Ultra III was 3 settings: gain, bass, treble that make it easier to carve its acoustics. 2 caveats though:

- 3 mini knobs on the back of the guitar seems very fragile and do not have an indicator (detent point). It is not practical to store a setting
- There are perhaps half a second to start the acoustic microphone. It is time to consider when you want to make a transition magnetic pickups -> piezo

The tuner may sound gadget for some other musicians (pro) have found it indispensable. Everyone will find useful, but I admit that it is convenient when you are in a place with a lot of noise and you want to have a perfect tuning.

I did not use the USB port, but I think people will find useful.


The quality / price ratio is unbeatable! I impressed many of my colleagues zicos with this little Epiphone Ultra III! Go for it!