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Stan2303 03/10/2008

Gibson Les Paul Faded DC : Stan2303's user review


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USA mahogany body
22 frets gibson two P90 pickups
Each microphone has a tone and volume
A 3-position selector
Varnish faded so bad but its gives a vintage look! in addition it is polished with time!
Very light compared to a Les Paul standard even lighter than a stratum of the density of mahogany


Channel pleasant
Access to acute normal no more, no less!
Ergonomics! This is a guitar all that there is no more basic than the sound of fireworks! I have to love me the look of vintage stripping as much as his sound is like a V8 in it with a 4L! lol In addition it is really light!
The sound is achieved very faciment you plug everything back and it's good!
The bridge pickup sounds good rock! the neck pickup and a blues sound to perfection! happiness between the config removes much of grésillment and gives a round ideal for the rhythm!


It is perfect for old rock and blues of the time it is repetition of the last 59
I play with VOX AC15CC1X and sounds!
Rock, blues pickup in the neck position!


Its been two years I use it more as a second guitar because it has a character! lol No, but the P90 gives a specific sound in groups and as I play quite a bit saturated and I like to have a clear signal it does not there accommodates cons but when I'm having my house on the old rock blues is a foot!
I tried a faded SG and a Start and frankly it is she who has the most personality and that's its charm is made for the blues rock and this is what it does and does it very well!
I put around 10 is a two-edged guitar we love we love completely or not at all!
I do it again without hesitation that choice but can I get it again later because it's doing a second guitar and so dna sle budjet is a hole but ren is lost on the contrary!