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CloudJP 04/12/2008

Gibson Les Paul Faded DC : CloudJP's user review


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Factory Nashville, United States, in 2005
Mahogany body
22 boxes
2 P-90 pickups
2 volume knobs
2 knobs of Tone (fawn "treble roll off" dixit the manual, lower the cost cutting the treble knob)
1 slecteur 3 positions: neck, bridge and intermdiaire
Mahogany, Profile 60's, thin enough so.
The mcaniques seem average.
Finish "Satin" color "Worn Yellow", trs pretty far, just under trs prs (you can see the pores of the wood are not always well painted) but hey let's not quibble.

Note that the microphones are adjustable, but they have a little play (they are rather poorly callus what)
Apart from a, it's all good. 7 / 10


The handle is not dsagrable. Rather late, a Stratocaster dja possdant I do not t dboussol.
However the finish of the guitar does not make it slippery at all! It's not REALLY teacher, but less comfortable I think. No big problems otherwise.
CHAC is very easy to acute. The guitar is a Double Cut, we can hardly do better.

Level ergonomics: the guitar is really great lgre, good point.
Dtail small, but real story to tell: the jack connects to the "bottom" of the guitar when playing sitting on the couch can twist the jack according to how you hold the guitar.

This gives a good sound very easy. The guitar is not versatile at all, but what she does she does well.

The slecteur made a little noise ("plop" in this case) when changing the microphone.

7 / 10 still


The guitar is well suited to my style of music, ie blues / rock, rock'n'roll, British pop sounds a little bold.
I played on a Vox AC30, mostly without effects except the reverb of the amp.

Sounds: strong point.

Micro acute with the Tone knob of a bottom and the clear was the sound of Carl Barat in the Libertines' first album. Listen to "Tell The King" or "Good Old Days", the guitar solo is the sound of. That's the sound I bought the guitar.

Intermdiaire position with the knobs of Tone baisssa background, making the amp cruncher: it was in the sound of Supergrass' Diamond Hoo Ha Man ". Bold and powerful.
By putting the amp into overdrive and boosting the bass sound you get closer to Nick Valensi of The Strokes in "12:51", it's almost like a synth.
I did not expect to touch the sonoritsl trs enjoyable surprise

Otherwise the rest is a bit more common, the microphone neck just under a potato, it is a little more "neutral".
The bridge pickup has a tendency Arelle cruncher when pushed hard the strings, even when the amp is clean in rgl. Achte when the guitar has is a plus, but be careful not to get stuck! The P-90 had a lot of characters.

I was not explicit about the t trs sound, I do not know to put words on a sound. DSOL my examples if you do not talk too much, most are findable on YouTube that said

Being fully satisfied with the sound of the guitar, note entousiasthe a little, but it's the heart that speaks: 10/10

However I strongly advise you to try it or watch on YouTube or other tests. The guitar sound trs trs and typ is not really versatile.


I reu guitar 10 days ago.
What I like most about it: without a doubt the sound. The form also. I find this guitar really trs beautiful finish gives him a small cot vintage. As mentioned above, if we look we see really small imperfections, but overall the guitar is beautiful trs.
I tried a Gibson ES-335, the Epiphone equivalent too. Evokes the sounds I was looking a little higher (especially The Libertines). I was looking for as the Chuck Berry sound (hence the 335). And frankly, I thought that only ES-335 was worth it to play a. Please note I am not saying that the LP Faded DC is better, but I would have taken years before I pay the 335, and everything eventually sounds less like what I was looking for.

Otherwise I have a Fender Stratocaster dja USD. The Start is really much more versatile, more comfortable, too. I bought the LP in complment DC, for its range of sounds is just too too Reduces to play everything.
on the other hand voila, it is the sound.

Well we must also consider price, relatively low for a Gibson: I pay about 700, new. It is found for a little more I think on large sites in Germany, around 1000.

The quality-price ratio, average. It's always like that, you pay the brand. But even when the Gibson's make an effort, because the guitar is affordable.
In addition, for an average guitarist like me, seeing the name "Gibson" on the head of the guitar amliore when even a little sound and flatters the ego) Let us face it, a part of the fun!

Exprience with this choice I would do so. The guitar is beautiful, it sounds good, it is quite original and not prohibitively expensive (everything is relative of course). It finishes a little ngliges is his one small default. But the sound is.

In the end, 8 / 10. And again, I think trs MODR be because it is really a great guitar