Gibson Les Paul Traditional
Gibson Les Paul Traditional

Les Paul Traditional, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

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Linn Sondek 05/02/2013

Gibson Les Paul Traditional : Linn Sondek's user review

«  THE guitar. »

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Made in USA, of course!
Channel '50 that I love and that should not scare anyone: no, it is not fat!
A set of microphones Classic 57 (model "Plus" in the bridge) which are among the best not only the brand, but all models and brands combined.
Two volume and two tone for unlimited combinations. A superb electronics.


See below.


See below.


What to say about this legend that has not already been said? It is one of the best Les Paul Gibson catalog? This is certain. It is a legendary guitar? No shadow of a doubt! It provides sounds sublime and varied? Of course!
Everyone here knows the Les Paul. Traditional but offers more: it has remained traditional, in the spirit of Les Paul 57, 58 and 59. She has that authentic and timeless character that no longer has the video (also excellent), it retains all of its ancestors. Amazing how simple and yet with what results! Regardless of the outstanding guitar it is, the LP has never parted with its special aura. Play on is not simply the musqiue and get-immensely-fun, it's just enroll in an amazing story and not just music, it's really a part of history.

My Traditional boasts a superb finish. I love his beautiful black livery, if class. Surprisingly, it shows 4.9 kg on the scales! Surprising for a guitar whose body has some light recesses. Or 600 grams more than my LP Reissue CS 57. More importantly, 750 grams more than my other Traditional! And I can assure you that my two Trad does not sound the same. This Ebony gives pride to the creamy tone (normal for a LP? Not necessarily at this point), she proves infinitely generous lower midrange while maintaining a good balance without ever losing its precision, its distinction. I'm talking about the distinction that each note has, always perfectly detached from each other even in the most complex and rich arrangements.
Sustain, therefore, maintains a held note untied. I want to say is that the note sounds, of course, but with a long rich timbre, harmonic, with a brief always clear and full of panache musicality. You can follow its movement without any effort as it is here the obvious.
The Les Paul guitar is the one I happen to play just for the sake of sound, the pleasure of making sound to hear every note taking shape, spread and turn gently.
This love story began 32 years ago. It is however contradicted when after a prolonged shutdown, I'm not back to her immediately. And then came the moment when I realized that I was not happy with my Stratocaster and it is only then that I rediscovered with more passion.
Today I have 3 Les Paul and one Strat (the 5 I owned) remaining 99% of the time in the beautiful Tweed suitcase. So it is! I've always been the man of a single woman ...