Gibson Les Paul Traditional
Gibson Les Paul Traditional

Les Paul Traditional, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

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Jp6l6 02/18/2014

Gibson Les Paul Traditional : Jp6l6's user review

«  A good Les Paul to € 2000. »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Made in the States, TOM bridge and neck 59, a big stick Les Paul somehow I like. Originally, there was a set of Gibson humbuckers 57 and 57 + and the settings are those of a real Les Paul.
I had the opportunity to find a set Seymour Duncan Antiquity cheap. I installed it because I knew beforehand. That's better, I explain below.
It is not critical features of a Les Paul since buying an icon knowingly. If you do not find at least very good, why invest money.
This is roughly a Standard as in the years 80-90.


The handle is in my hand, so it is said. Although I have a lot of other guitars, this is what I prefer handle.
Since I bought it, is that its weight for me and also access to acute, even if not perfect. Again, buy a Les Paul is like buying a piece of electric guitar history. Either you know what to expect and what is a cleverly thought buying or ideas are not in place. One can easily get a good sound, especially with Seymour Duncan Antiquity and wiring 50's with whom there is no treble loss when the volume is lowered. This is a modification I made personally. I also replaced the condos CERAMICO-crappy original 47nF 22nF with oiled paper. With ceramics, you can never know if all the sound characteristics are returned.


Bin yes, a Les Paul should be what I wanted to do before you buy. I even knew that I would change the wiring.
The set 57-57 + is a return to the characteristics of PAF's. They are far from the best replica on the choice that the market offers. The particularity of Seymour Duncan Antiquity, unlike the best competition is to sound like PAF's that have 50 to 55 years. The sound is very soft, the bass is never muddy and never aggressive treble. They are well suited to jazz, blues and crunch is not suitable beyond the hard rock. Somehow, the original set is far from that.
Contrary to historical models, VOS and others, equipped with "PAF's" new, it sounds really vintage.


I have since 2009 and had a R9 in the past, I have great resell lutant against the crisis. Plus it was a purchase but a little rash resale and perfect condition, fortunately.
Today, I am luthier and constructed instruments for customers to order and I do not play much. Instruments of trade midrange second hand, as I improve, largely enough for me. Thus, this is a traditional exposure model that many would buy me the price of a new one, if not more. I had to € 1200 via a "specialist" Fashion Bazaars for which I make repairs from time to time. I do not know the quality of a new finish but I have to retouch varnish, however the fact that it was chosen as a demonstration instrument is a guarantee of successful instrument, although it is true not every time. ;-) I also tweaked some frets.
I always liked Gibson Les Paul and since my adolescence. I'm trying to override my principle: I build a guitar. A perfect replica of Les Paul and 59 for that matter, better and with mahogany and maple better. This one, I'll find perfect, of course.