Vintage Reissued V100 Gold Top
Vintage Reissued V100 Gold Top

Reissued V100 Gold Top, LP-Shaped Guitar from Vintage in the Reissued series.

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damiansdick 03/13/2009

Vintage Reissued V100 Gold Top : damiansdick's user review


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Value For Money : Poor
Made in Asia
Gold Top Finish
Mahogany wood / Mahogany
Stuck Channel Type "Les Paul"
Bridge Tune O Matic and Cordier & stopbar
22 Frets
2 x P 90 Wilkinson Bridge & Neck
1 x 1 x Volume & Tone by Micro
1 x 3-position selector

Copies of The Les Paul Gold Top Pure Juice & The P 90 in More


The handle is Stain Color "Dark Mahogany" and Varnish La Grande Classe

Set well out of the box one more for the Brand

Neck Round, Super Nice, Profile Type "Les Paul" Conventional
I recently try a Gibson Classic STD Bidule Truc Machin New Thing
Channel supports and worry-free comparison

All the hardware in Wilkinson Class Great for cheap

The guitar has a shape of "Les Paul" Ergonomics Report

Finishing not evil but there are small imperfections in the "Gold Top" that makes all its charm

For a guitar that came back to the Final for less than 200 € is really small

It sounds great to Empty a small moment of happiness


I played on 80/80 and Marshall Roland Micro Cube


This is my first (and only) Gratoune with P 90 so I am not Matter Expert

Its Clear Precise, with a Personality Clean, quite warm between Micro Single and Double
His Saturated Very Pleasant enough heat between the Micro Single and Double with a twist

That I do not know if Gibson pickups or other change in the data but
Anyway I do not change it for the world to me she is perfect
It's often the little Defaults who we love a Guitar


The Value Price boggles the mind a Copy "Les Paul" From Fire

I wanted to find me a guitar "Les Paul" Gold Top Finish

So I started looking for a copy or a Real Good Quality for a reasonable price (yes again)

I searched for Epiphone, not Available Not Found
I looked for Gibson not available and Found Hors More Awards
I tried Hammer Gold Top, Very Good but Not the Beauty "Les Paul"
I tried copying "Les Paul" Good and Less Good but Not the Gold Top Finish

Finally searched the net I found this Vintage V100GT

I am ordered after the Multe Hesitation in effect in January 2008
Vintage Guitars was not easily discoverable (Ebay Store in Germany)
So I Ordered on English Channel (after peeling all Forum Site Reliability)
More Order a guitar without trying it's not top it do not know what happens

That Dances After countless long enough for you not imposed

The Vintage V100GT finally arrived and The Miracle a PURE TUERIE

Since I had the chance to try the Epiphone GT 56 'and mine is a step up without Lying

With this experience I would do without hesitation Choice Eyes Closed

Despite concerns related to transport, the Times and the Euro Exchange Rate and Monnais of roast beef, ect ........