Vintage Reissued V100 Gold Top
Vintage Reissued V100 Gold Top

Reissued V100 Gold Top, LP-Shaped Guitar from Vintage in the Reissued series.

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jetlag 11/29/2010

Vintage Reissued V100 Gold Top : jetlag's user review

«  Worth it at this price »

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everything has been said ... Low cost but it's pretty fun and effective. I was looking for a P90 guitar. Then a copy of goldtop, I found it funny. Ergonomics


pleasant without more, is not it great art. It is a LP.
It once connected to the fun.


Ben obviously is not polvalent in P90 but it had its effect both in clean OD Oou disto. On the Marshall, it's fun without being transcendent but if you want a comparo, it's better than the epiphone middle range. Used


from time to time depending on the mood the past two years, this is not a transcendent guitar but it had its effect and its look. to 250 €, it may be a project upgrade. Its look and serves much the vintage logo and the head going very well. It's better than a lot of copies of LP.