Vintage Reissued V100 Gold Top
Vintage Reissued V100 Gold Top

Reissued V100 Gold Top, LP-Shaped Guitar from Vintage in the Reissued series.

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JFKowalski 12/06/2008

Vintage Reissued V100 Gold Top : JFKowalski's user review


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- Guitar made in Asia (Korea I think).
- Microphones "P90" Wilkinson (actually P100)
- Type bridge tune-o-matic
- Hardware gibson LP classic type, brand Wilkinson
- Set neck
- Gold Top Finish

Aesthetically beautiful and pretty neat. A couple of minor smudges in micro cavities but nothing horrible. The frets are nickel and do not exceed.
The key inlays are against stripped ... there are traces of glue.


At the handle grip is very nice ... we do not feel like a log between your fingers. The action is very well regulated.
Access to acute is very easy.
Weight level is quite soft. We are far from Gibson!
Otherwise the guitar seems set ... frisette not on the horizon and it sounds good from that branch.
Clearly delivered in 10-46.


Wilkinson is the hardware level ... ca holds the road well (and especially the agreement). However, I move on to the 11-48 to improve the maintenance agreement. In 10-46 it was limited and a bit too soft for my taste.

You should also remember that these are not real ... P90 P90 they are "stacked" ... ie P100. This is a less dynamic and couillu P90

I play mostly blues and jazz-funk right now. It is well suited to both styles.
It sounds very well clean. The neck pickup is quite round but keeps a lot of bite. I rarely use the bridge pickup to clean. The combination of the two pickups gives a very "single coil supercharged" and I think it's been in effect clean.
In severe crunch sends ca. It's pretty responsive to the game can easily switch from one to clean a big crunch through a good setting on the amp.
In distortion is simply enormous.

Side knobs was a slight darkening when we decrease the volume ... can be an interesting upgrade from that side.


I have this guitar for a little over a month. I was really amazed by the quality / price ratio. Certainly there are some finishing details (inlays, paint around the micro cavities) that are poor but it is minimal and the sound is there!
I tried this model and the Peter Green ... it is very nice but I was also attracted by the sound of the GT.
For such prices do not hesitate ... whether you are a beginner or experienced this guitar is working. I really liked the guitar to begin with such models!

To summarize:
the most:
- Quality / price ratio
- Violin

- Finishing (small)
- No knobs super exploitable
- No real P90

I finally upgraded the pickups Lollar P90 for real knobs and the CTS. It changes from completely. Damn wilder and knobs allow dynamic and a lot of variety in sounds.
Upgrade recommended!