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Thread Which mic?

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1 Which mic?
I'm about to throw down some of my Christmas gift money for a better studio condenser than the functional but low-end one that I have now (an MXL 990). My question is simple: what should I get?

In the running:
Rode NT1a ($199)
Rode NT2a (is it really worth the $399?)
MXL 3000 (pre-amp built-in, I can get it new for $129, list is $399)
Studio Projects C1 ($240)
AKG Perception 200 ($159)
M-Audio Solaris ($299)

I want the best quality mic in this mid-price range for my male vocals (big range baritone-tenor, strong and clear) and acoustic guitar (high-end Taylor, steel-string, mostly strummed). I am a singer-songwriter playing modern rock (I don't know, think Radiohead, Counting Crows, and Coldplay). I can get a separate small-diaphragm condenser for the acoustic if it will really make a difference. But if one of these above is both a fantastic vocal mic and versatile enough to get the best sounds for the acoustic too, that would be best. I don't have all the money in the world.

I'll be recording into the system you see below, into Logic 7 through either my M-Audio USB Mobile-Pre, or my Line6 TonePort - lots of preamps to choose from. I'm also thinking of springing for the new Alesis iO/14 at some point.

So, which mic would you say?

2.33 GHz MBP C2D, 2GB RAM
120GB 5400rpm internal, 250GB 7200rpm FW800 external (WD MyBook Pro)
Logic Express 7.2, Jam Pack 1, Jam Pack 4 (Symphony Orchestra), Reason 3, Reason Drum Kits 2, various refills, Line6 TonePort & GearBox, M-Audio USB Mobile Pre, Nomad Factory Studio Pro Bundle (Blue Tubes Bundle v3 & v2, Analog Signature Pack, BlueVerb DRV-2080, Essential Studio Suite, Liquid Bundle 2)
get an Audio Technica AT4033CL, its the best. i tell everyone to get it. it sells for about $400.

but the Rode NT1 and NT2 are really good for the price. the NT2 is better though.
I've heard good things about the AKG Perception 200. The Rode stuff is usually pretty nice, I'd also bet the AT4040 is real good for the money. Not a big fan of the C3000 for a general purpose condenser here.