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Thread Which is the Best Microphone For Recording?

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1 Which is the Best Microphone For Recording?
I am planning on buying a microphone, but I don't know which quality is the best. I Have just set up my cubase SX3 studio, and I am looking to buy both a good sound card and a very good micro phone for professional recordings. These recordings will be for radio air play etc.

go there and that is a really nice vocal recording mic
I would really apreciate is someone could give me some Ideas on which Mic is a good mic. I am willing to spend up to 500 for the micaphone
I need a good Studio Mic for Recording Vocals for songs. I want a mic that will allow me to record vocals without having to have spunge padded walls or a sound proof rooms!
a mic to record WHAT?

any mic is a good mic for a certain application. You did not specify yours. How could we possibly help you?