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Thread t bone sc 450!

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1 t bone sc 450!

I'm a newbie. Right that's that out the way...

Anyone had any experience with the T Bone SC450 or the 400??? I've read some good reports, mostly in german and just wanted some more feedback- my german isn't what it once was! :?

I used to have a Rode NT1 so apart from capacitor mics thats really all i can compare to. I loved that mic and was going to buy it again but these seem very good value.

I'll be recording to cubase sx via a tascam us122 on a PC running Athlon 1900+, 512ram etc etc
I never tried those microphones but they are produced by the same factories wich produce Marshall and Studio Projects microphones. From what I read some of them are really a bargain but be sure to try before you buy because of low quality standards.