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Thread Looking for opinions on Shure PG Series Microphones

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1 Looking for opinions on Shure PG Series Microphones
anyone have any experience with the PG series microphones by shure?

I am looking at their drum mics, for personal use in a small home studio.

The PG-52 (for the bass drum), PG-56 (for the snare), and PG-81 (for overhead)
Good mics are one of the key elements in recording. If I were you I'd try to find used SM microphones. The PG series is decent but you'll rapidly want some better quality mics. Thik long term!

If you don't use good mics you will pay.

Absolutely one of the best drum mics is the SM57. They are cheap so get a half dozen or so. Look at AKG D112 or ATM25 for kick.

Heres the killer, look for something like AKG C414's for overheads.

I have a $35,000 sound system. $20,000 was just for mics.(Includes $10,000 wireless system)

Buy nice or buy twice.
I have an PG 58 that I somehow accumulated during my time when I was playing in various bands. It's actually a decent sounding microphone. I don't use it much b/c honestly I don't do many live shows where I need the mic.

But these guys are right.....

PG 57/58 Run about $60 or you can get the industry standard SM 57/58 for less than $100. (I think Musicians friend has them for $90). For the extra $30, you're getting quite the upgrade.