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Thread low end micrphones

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1 low end micrphones
Hello, I am just getting into audio recording and would like decent microphones that are not too expensive.

what do you think of the Apex 120, 126, and the 180?
Never heard (of) them.

For live drums I use:

snare SM57
toms SM57 or MD421(floor) or AKG C419
hi-hat AT4041
kick AKG D112 or ATM25
overheads AKG C414

You will be hard pressed to find a better snare mic than the SM57. (and its VERY cost effective)

I keep a half dozen SM57s in my mic locker.
I am aiming for a lowcost setup, and since I am located in Canada everything is 2x the amount you americans pay for it, even though the exchange rate is only like 1.22 right now. So the mainstream shure lineup is out of reach for me since I am aiming for

1x bass drum
1x snare drum
2x overhead mics
and maybe tom mics (depending on the total cost)

so these are the alternatives I have in my price range

Apex 125(kick), 126(snare) and the 180(overhead) (http://www.apexelectronics.com)
Shure PG 52(kick), 56(snare), 81(overhead) (https://www.shure.com/microphones/performance/pg)
Personnally, I'd try to wait a little longer and save some more money to get good mics. They are one of the most important part of the recording chain. The 57 is a true worhorse and you'll be able to use it in many situations.
Also from Canada, have heard great things about Apex in relation to value. Have you checked out the drum mic kit available from Long and McQuade stores? Not sure if it is Apex. It costs $230, and includes four mics for close miking. I have been told that each one is just as good as an SM57. I would assume it is for snare, bass drum, floor tom and mounted tom. Seems like a great deal. I am looking at going with just two overheads, large diaphragm condenser mics. Charlie Watts uses this setup, but I don;'t know what other mics he may have there.

Many jazz recordings are done with three mics. A pair of overhead and a mic in the bass drum. Some of my favorite recordings were done in the 50's with juste one mic per instrument.
Garbage In = Garbage Out

Don't skimp on your mics.

Buy nice or buy twice.

I'm definately not sorry I bought the C414s.
And no I couldn't afford them but I couldn't afford not to buy them.

You won't be sorry you bought SM57's.

Maybe we should trade prescription drugs for mics. :D
If you are broke, pick up an SM 57 and a pair of Oktava MK012s. You'll be happy.