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Thread Evolution ekeys 49 MIDI/USB problem - please help!!!

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1 Evolution ekeys 49 MIDI/USB problem - please help!!!
Hey everyone, just came across this forum and it looks great.
I've been into recording for a long time and finally decided to buy a keyboard. I wanted one that would simply "work" with my PC, so I purchased the Evolution ekeys 49 model with its USB connection.

I followed the instructions, let win XP install the drivers, turned it on, etc... and no sound. After a bit of investigation I discovered that the keyboard wasn't showing up in any of my sound programs' MIDI input column. In the device manager, the keyboard is listed as "USB Audio Device". I know this isn't right but I have no idea how to fix it.

Please help!
Just tried it on my dad's PC and it works fine. He's on win 98.
Hey again, fixed the problem and the keyboard plays like a charm! Long story but basically XP had used the wrong drivers for the USB device.

Perhaps your long story might be able to help me. I've been using a miditech keyboard with Cubase SX (and Windows XP) successfully for a year. Unfortunately my nephew unplugged the usb connection and plugged it back in to a different port. Since then nothing, no sound and not even a signal in Cubase. I've heard that there are problems with XP and usb when you switch ports but can find no answers. So far I've tried everything I can think of including uninstalling and reinstalling the driver. According to my computer the keyboard is working fine but totally nothing in Cubase. Can you (or anyone) please help?
hey i have had the same problem as jhighmore i have got windows xp and i have no sound where should i start to getting it fixed?

I was thinking of purchasing an Evolution ekeys 49, and I was wondering if this would work with cubase sx 3?
thnx for that, yh i think it will work with cubase but i'm not too sure.


check this link and tell me whether it's alright thanks once again
thnx m oonz, really mayd my day lol.
any chance you could let us know how you fixed the problem - i have a miditech midi controller 2 usb and just can't get cubase to recognise it

Hi jhighmore,
Bro you MUST tell us your story, as I am DYING to hear it as I have the same problem and spend many hours now trying to resolve it!!!