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Thread M-Audio Ozonic!

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1 M-Audio Ozonic!
hi all,
i am planning get a basic set-up going at home on which i can record song ideas and vocals as well. i have a PC with the following specs:
p4 915GV Chipset, 3.06GHz, 533Mhz, 256MB RAM, 80GB Serial ATA Hard Drive, Windows XP.

i have been advised by someone to buy the M-Audio Ozonic midi controller, as it comes with Firewire instead of USB, and i don't need to buy an external sound card in order to record my vocals etc.

Anyone familiar with the Ozonic?? please help. thanks.
Can anyone help me with my problem?? I have a small home studio with an Ozonic controller, but I dont understand why it wont play any sounds. It is connected via firewire and midi is connected via usb, i have software such as live 5, adobe audition and reaper but still have not had any success getting the midi functions to work. I bought the controller used off ebay and it did not come with an instructions so if anyone can help me get it working i would appreciate it.

I am wondering if someone can help me? I have protools LE and Mbox but I can't access my nudges because there is no keypad on my Macbook Pro. Is there another way to nudge?
i am not able to install the hardware drivers for my ozonic!
it says the hardware was found but was not installed properly!.. and gives and error code (code 10)
the software driver version gets installed and then when i switch off and on the computer with the ozonic powered and plugged in, it doesn't detect the firewire device!
and when i try doing it thru 'add hardware' it fails to install the drivers properly!.. and error code 10 comes!
my other laptop is running fine with the same ozonic and the software verion... the only difference is its running on amd turion and xp professional. the other difference is i use a pcmcia card for the firewire and so the firewire cable is a big pin to big pin whereas this new laptop has a small pin firewire!... the new laptop where i am facing the problem is running on xp home and is a 1.66 core duo with 2gb RAM.
please help me out..