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Thread Midisport Uno and reason problem - NOOB

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1 Midisport Uno and reason problem - NOOB
I just got a midisport uno from m audio and although its hooked up and sending midi its only playing one sustained note every other time i press a key. Its driving me mental its supposed to be pretty much plug n play. I tried downlaoding drivers for it even though the packaging says you dont need any on xp. This has made it speak to reason at least but somethings still up with it. Searched fro ages on forums and noone seems to have had similar problems, i must be doing something daft. HELP!
Me too. Has anyone found an answer yet, or is it simply a case of having to buy another one (or another type)?
The store that I bought this cable from tested it and swore that it worked, so I ended up buying a competitor brand (Edirol) instead, and everything then did what it ought to (ie every note came through loud and clear).

Must be some very weird compatibility issue between Midisport Uno and my operating system (Mac OS X).
I had a problem with the Uno, that it would skip notes if I started actually "playing" something.

The fix for this (and similar) problem is simple. Depending on your hardware, simply put some background music from your keyboard on and mute the volume of the music. This will keep a constant signal via the USB port.

I was kinda late to reply to this, but hopefully future users will get it to work like I did.

- Dids
I am having this same problem.

Any ideas?