Warwick Corvette Standard 5
Warwick Corvette Standard 5

Corvette Standard 5, 5+ string bass guitar from Warwick.

Postmortem 03/15/2009

Warwick Corvette Standard 5 : Postmortem's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
24 frets
2 microphones guy jazzz
5 strings
warwick bridge
qualization 2 strips
vissbr handle />
short good big, beautiful and very reliable gear !!!


The handle is a veritable highway

The access to the treble is amazing but hey .... I am very serious so 5 strings (logic).

the weight is consquent but I take ca for proof of quality.

the bass is very very lthough quillibre.

well after ca sound !!! ...


I play (you'll laugh) melodic death metal (children of bodom) has the syphonique (nightwish) and any changes from its flowing in her hot through a filter sin aggressive short very versatile.

slap slap my god .... it's great.

I have a harley benton mk 3 to 4 times coupled 10 of the same brand and even my top it sounds to death ..... imagine Ampeg or Hartke on ....

I rentr recently in a core group of death and ca ..... good god spits ... Happiness !!!


Brief bought in 1000 with cover and maintenance kit supplied (yes you must maintain the body with wax every 2 months) the price-quality ratio is excellent bang for the money I do it again this choice !!!

ca .... here is doing mintenant three months I have ... I have more perspective and I notice that it sounds even better as if it should be let go ... rode before that it has the guts .... in short everything like good stuff .... there's nothing to say that's the big warwick good heavy the beautiful ... perfect !!!