Warwick Corvette Standard 5
Warwick Corvette Standard 5

Corvette Standard 5, 5+ string bass guitar from Warwick.

bassist_Neofeat 10/26/2005

Warwick Corvette Standard 5 : bassist_Neofeat's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
- Made in Germany
- 24 frets shuffled in bronze \ money, which, according to Warwick has a better reason.
Micro MEC J / J lctronique with 2-band active.
- Bridge 2 part SPECIFICATIONS Warwick, trs trs rglages of good quality sharp are possible, as the height of the bridges, the cart between coerdes, the height of bridge etc etc!
G -1 volume push / pull (active / passive), a micro balance (bridge + medium, + handle serious roots)
- Ovangkol handle screwed into 6 points. the handle is of impressive quality ...

PS: It is true that wood is dense, the bass is a bit heavy, but personally, I take it as a surplus has certainly support but also as a guarantee of quality


- The handle is super enjoyable, c really a pleasure to browse it! Previous expressed the opinion of a purely physical contact, and yes it shows a lot!
- Access in acute is good, APRS is a 5 string, so personally I t just ms dconcert trs nothing serious!
- In terms of shape, this bass is almost perfect ... in terms of weight, it is, indeed, one of the only true default ... it is heavy, but voila, me personally, this Figure ESG me ...


- I FAOS progressive rock passages with progressive mtal, and it was quite appropriate that, she is a versatile aillerus impressive, all styles can be affordable!
- I jou a Fender 25W frontbass wam home, he quickly surrendered qd I pass in assets, and with the string of IF, it's normal! If I play on a bassforce XXL 300W AT Hughes and Kettner, and, HP 15 ", there is no problem!
- It is easy to get a desired sound thanks to the active low qualisation acute and micro balance! Frankly, it's really easy to find the sound voullu!
- Personally, I love the neck pickup sounds roots so thoroughly, otherwise the position intermdiaire ms is good, I often jou like that elsewhere, it Confre agressivit and depth at a time!
PS: the only small BMOL a legendary sound is, as ds Previous notice, the string of SI is not as prcise the other 4, ca s 'hear, me personally, and forciori with this, I SI serves as the rope supporting a large rhythm for example, must use it as a synth or effect octave, it fo sent qd high precision ... no really


- I possde the past 1 week
- I love this entire head low, it really happiness, we are jou dessu redcouvre qd is a real rgal, we chose a neighboring one grde reputable brand !
-As left-nan, I did try the fender marcus miller, ms good, the ide of my back quickly discarded ...
- The ratio quality price is excellent, the new price is 1470 euros, finally, c the price I've seen most of the gst!
- I do it again this choice two faith that pluto, c net!