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Open Stomp Coyote-1

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Open Stomp Coyote-1
News Open Stomp Coyote-1

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Open Stomp presents the Coyote-1, an original stompbox that the brand describes as "the world's first open source digital effect pedal".

The OpenStomp Coyote-1 is an open source audio effects processor built for guitar players. With the Coyote-1 users can develop custom audio effects in software (like distortion, echo, chorus etc.), mix multiple effects to build patches, and exchange those effects and patches with the OpenStomp community.

A companion Windows application (called OpenStomp Workbench) allows Users to combine effects into patches graphically, and to move patches and effects between the Coyote-1 device and their PC’s disk.

The Coyote-1 O/S is open source so users can tweak it to behave any way they like, and the hardware is fully documented so that developers can take control of the whole pedal, dedicating all available system resources toward the implementation of unique custom solutions.

The microprocessor at the heart of the Coyote-1 the Propeller from Parallax, which contains 8 independent processor cores running simultaneously at 80MHz with a unique architecture supporting a high-level byte coded language called “Spin”, and a low-level assembly language with an amazingly versatile instruction set.

The Propeller development tools are all free, and the Propeller architecture allows users to develop firmware with nothing more than a simple USB cable. Its architecture allows the Propeller to generate video in software by adding just three external resistors, so the Coyote-1 includes a video out port which can potentially be used by developers for debugging or adapted to implement things like graphical tuners, spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes, or even light shows.

The Coyote-1 ships with Open StompTM Workbench; a Windows application which allows you to create patches by graphically “wiring” effects to each other and to pedal resources such as knobs, buttons, LEDs, inputs, and outputs.

The Coyote-1 is now available for $349.00 from the OpenStomp online store. These first units are limited to distribution in the US and Canada, but the brand seems to be working to support sales into the EU and elsewhere coinciding with the completion of the next production build.
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