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snakefinger 01/04/2013

Taylor EXPRESSION SYSTEM : snakefinger's user review

«  Excellent rendering! »

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The expression system is the electronic circuit fitted to Taylor electro-acoustic.
This is a professional system that requires symmetric connection.
Connected with a single jack, you lose 75% of the sound quality and it may seem confusing.
But connected with a TRS side guitar and amp xlr side electro-acoustic direct box, mixing console, it is a pure delight.


In practice, this system does not include acute and grave are Features equalizer and volume is very simple to use, and can immediately obtain the sound you want. But simple does not mean simplistic, because for example if you want to increase the mids, just to increase the volume and reduce the bass and treble. The choice of frequency equalizer and action curve (Q) is very musical, acting directly on the right spectrum of guitar harmonics and the higher octaves.


The principle of its uptake is an innovation of Taylor, is a humbucking coil placed behind the neck above the rosette. It is here that the vibration of the strings and the sound of the instrument is the richest.
The sound is much more realistic than that captured by a piezo under the bridge saddle.

In addition, a small switch to enable / disable a sensor placed under the soundboard which takes into account the style of play, the sound pressure in the body, and gives a more acoustic, airy and realistic.


Expression System is a set of sensors / preamp sophisticated at the same time very simple and discreet (we only see three buttons that touch the splint).
Taylor may not be enough warning to indicate that it requires a professional connection to draw symmetrical that one is entitled to expect of guitars of this quality.
Properly connected, the expression system is an extension of the amplified sound of the pure acoustic instrument.