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tonysauvion 05/24/2013

Taylor EXPRESSION SYSTEM : tonysauvion's user review

«  very good system »

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taylor 712 that


a bit of a chore the two switches in the box


then to temper this a bit, I just tested my expression system (taylor 712ce)
and several points are worth noting:

lower level of a piezo, it's normal output is a magnetic system
already at this stage if you do not like the sound of a magnetic pickup (fishman rareearth, triaxial taka, etc ...) it will not go. on the other hand if you can not stand the piezos ....

FYI I also taka newyorker with fishman aura, so I can compare the two

overall it is very realistic about the dynamic, nothing to do with a piezo (except as may be) must equalizer in any case I need to quickly find pyu slightly dig around 300 and 1kHz - 1.5kHz and can boost the bass and treble a hair (100 7khs)

no more than 3 dB each time, and there was a sound that I find beautiful and very enjoyable to play
I could essauer on aer, bose l1copact and monitors Yamaha HS50
in any case it sounds

a little breath effectively, especially on the Boses, you can cut back a little after 15khz
but in a live setting it works

I will publish the notice in a few weeks, after heavy use!

is no better than the fishman, just very different, to be continued

should both with a blend!