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fhm 03/05/2005

Taylor EXPRESSION SYSTEM : fhm's user review


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you fatigus your limits in the Fishman acoustic amplification? If so read on, even if it's a bit long, this will allow you both to get an ide and more appropriate to understand why the Taylors MODELS folk strings Fishman mtal team of not selling (or selling off then it is really cheap!)


Taylor Company has a mandate lectronicien of legends, the inventor, no less-of the modern mixing console, Rupert Neve, so that it is rethinking the fawn whose acoustic guitar amplifier taient es. The limitations of dynamic piezo crystal did not allow guitarists to evolve from their Fast Fashion in the mid sixties. The problem of the piezo is: if you double attack on the guitar, the output fourfold, which results in distortion at the outputs. By the time the acoustic guitarists strongly trs attack their guitars, Fawn obtain a variation in tone or sound. This variation, the piezo does not follow from fawn perfect. in other words, the more you play stronger and the sound is bad. Thus, amplification Fishman to play live forcment involves an initial dnaturation sound. Until the invention of expression system, we had no choice ...


Expression System is Designed to take advantage of your guitar when amplified Fawn what she sounds as good qu'unplugged (not branch) dgradation without the sound palette by Fishman opposition.
The pre-amp rev Expression System is quiet (a plus) with three buttons that adorn the guitar without "ruining" the acoustic aspect. These control buttons allow to provide a wide range of speech sounds sound without adding noise. With the default set CONTRL (rglage 12:00) expression system provides a direct passage to pramp and output without distortion.


Expression system uses three sensors dynamic. The first sensor sensor use dynamic rope (Dynamic String Sensor) is located under the handle of fawn provide, Manir balance, the sound of string of attacks throughout the system making sound. This sensor works much in the concept of a microphone "single coil". It is very practical for gnrer and return the attack of the strings.

The other two sensors, "Dynamic Body Sensors" are motion sensors magntiques reflecting the vibration of the top electrical signal. This gives the reproduced sound prcise more dynamic range, which means a much more "clean" when you attack the guitar stronger.