Audio-Technica AE2500
stereophonic 03/23/2004

Audio-Technica AE2500 : stereophonic's user review


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Micro double capsule, a static and a dynamic pluttdstin the sound of bass drum.
Nice finish, substantial weight and reassuring concept simple and effective.


I use it for two months in the studio and in concert. In concert, this mic has no real competitor. Having a static and a dynamic microphone in the same body and then invited two microphones in phase, it is incredible comfort for scne. And feedback, you might say ... The sound of the bass drum. No sound hardos, regardless of the instument, with the Beta 52 or worse, with the Beta 91 and not his old Tama with the MD 421. No, with this microphone, you have the sound of the bass drum and not the microphone.
Although sr for use studio o one has the time to place his microphones, the choice will focus on the color of the micro as its practical ct. The static proccure ample sound and highlights the rsonance of the bass drum. The sound is not overly color and got Browsing trs DIFFERENT according pramplification uses nothing do with the Beta I was using up 91 l. It has a more consistent and fairly Fidler l o Beta will dig normment (many extreme). The dynamic is the Frontire between MD 421 and 52 Beta, we have a microphone that does not return enough parity Fidler and the attack on the bass drum without value nor amoindrire.
If you are looking for the typ trs ds the sound, place your chemain. on the other hand, if you are looking for versatile drum microphone, look no further than you are.