Michael Tippach Asio4All [Freeware]
Michael Tippach Asio4All [Freeware]

Asio4All [Freeware], Other Music Software from Michael Tippach.

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TheStratGuy 01/12/2008

Michael Tippach Asio4All [Freeware] : TheStratGuy's user review


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No problem whatsoever, the instructions are clear enough.


Whatever your setup, if you don't have a good, ASIO-compatible soundcard with stable drivers you will NEED this if you want to work properly on anything computer-music related. No stability problem , the result is really satisfying provided you take the time to set the ASIO buffer & latency compensation values correctly.


I've never yet owned a good sound card but thanks to ASIO4ALL I've always managed to work properly on computer music programs (over the years: Magix Music Studio, Tracktion, Kristal, Audacity, Cubase Studio 4) with basic, AC97 sound cards. I don't use the inputs though, so in this kind of use there may be a little more lag problems, but for arranging/mixing VST instruments and audio tracks recorded externally this proves very efficient.