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  • Michael Tippach Asio4All [Freeware]

    Michael Tippach Asio4All [Freeware] - dj_le_fuck's review


    Easy installation and non-instrumentals, uninstall transparent. Configuration a breeze. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE I used it on my PC, I get no problems latencies 5 ms with sound cards low end. So I can play on other instruments and VSTi software …

  • Linux MultiMedia Studio

    Linux MultiMedia Studio - shanneton's review


    The installation is done it without problems? No problem on linux ubuntu 9.04 and ubuntu 8.10. The graphics software is great and the opportunities it offers are immense. Have you experienced any incompatibilities? - With version 0.4.4, ub…

  • Michael Tippach Asio4All [Freeware]

    Michael Tippach Asio4All [Freeware] - nan3200's review


    Installation is no problem it? above simple Have you experienced any incompatibility? not yet! Gnrale configuration is easy? very! The manual is clear and sufficient? ... SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE What is the configuration of your co…

  • Novation Automap Universal

    Novation Automap Universal - Document02's review


    The installation is done it without problems? Yes. Automatic detection of VST plugins, it is convenient. Have you experienced any incompatibilities? Full. HUI mode in version 2 was bugged, do not fonctinnait with REAPER's and has been correct…

  • Wolfram Research Mathematica 6

    Wolfram Research Mathematica 6 - Crubier's review


    I've never had a problem under Windows. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE After having tested in many configurations, I can say that the software works regardless of the configuration, only the hard currency calculations. OVERALL OPINION I use it for 5…

  • Michael Tippach Asio4All [Freeware]

    Michael Tippach Asio4All [Freeware] - mphanga's review


    Incredible, incredible that the commercial supply of crap next to this very Asio perform very stable and compatible SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE * OVERALL OPINION * …

  • Jeskola Jeskola BUZZ Tracker

    Jeskola Jeskola BUZZ Tracker - Anonyme's review


    I use it for five years. The first installation is discouraged, but now I just by changing Ordos or partition copy / paste the folder Buzz ... which is very portable.La general configuration no problem, it is very clear, and audio drivers are quite c…

  • SonicBirth SonicBirth

    SonicBirth SonicBirth - hooz's review


    FINALLY a free plug plug building! The architecture is simple install, no problem Manual in English but I will very technik floor and test! SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE Config: Powerbook G4 12 "1.33GHz PPC 1.256Go RAM The software behaves perfec…

  • Sia Smaart Live 5.x

    Sia Smaart Live 5.x - Nicolas35's review


    Very easy There is a version dmo to become familiar with the software. Problem-free installation SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE Can be used on any laptop quip with a sound card to be able to connect a microphone heel OVERALL OPINION It has becom…

  • Pierre Lescuyer [freeware] métronome pour Palm

    Pierre Lescuyer [freeware] métronome pour Palm - Will Zégal's review


    - Installation is it without problem? Palm typical installation. No worries. - Have you experienced any incompatibility? Not on my PalmOne Treo600 (Palm OS 5.2 H) - The configuration gnrale is easy? Peculiar breizh - The manual is clea…