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  • Sonalksis Ultimate-D

    Sonalksis Ultimate-D - moosers's review


    Sonalksis' Ultimate-D is one of four plug-ins found in Sonalksis' Mastering Suite. This is a dithering plug-in which you throw at the end of your master buses' chain for higher resolution in the digital world. The bundle in general is a great one t…

  • Sterling Sound eMastering

    Sterling Sound eMastering - moosers's review


    Sterling Sound's eMastering software is a reference player to help you compare and complete your masters. I'm not a mastering engineer but I work at a studio and our mastering engineer on site has this software which I've used with him for mastering…

  • Soundminer V4 Pro

    Soundminer V4 Pro - moosers's review


    Soundminer V4 Pro is a unique type of software that aims to have a standard when it comes to metadata and tagging for audio files. The main purpose of this software is for music libraries and for music supervisors to be able to have all the relevant…

  • Mellowmuse Auto Time Adjuster (ATA)

    Mellowmuse Auto Time Adjuster (ATA) - moosers's review


    The Mellowmuse Auto Time Adjuster (ATA) is a delay compensation plug-in for Pro Tools LE and M-Powered systems. Since it doesn't automatically compensate for your latency in these systems, it's necessary to use the ATA or do it manually. Up until r…

  • Silverspike TapeIt 1 [Freeware]

    Silverspike TapeIt 1 [Freeware] - moosers's review


    Silverspike's TapeIt 1 plug-in is a free piece of software that allows you to export any audio into a WAV file quickly and simply. The plug-in is only available for PC users and is also only available as a VST plug-in. They have a newer version of …

  • Voxengo Audio Delay [Freeware]

    Voxengo Audio Delay [Freeware] - moosers's review


    Voxengo's Audio Delay is a piece of free software that is a pretty simple stereo delay plug-in. You can download it straight from Voxnego's website, or at least you could when I was running it a few years back. It was a quick overall process, even …

  • Digidesign DigiTranslator 2.x

    Digidesign DigiTranslator 2.x - moosers's review


    Digidesign's Digitranslator 2 is a program that allows you to convert files from other sequencers in the form of OMF, AAF, and MXF files to be used in Pro Tools. You use it directly inside of Pro Tools, so it is really just an expansion of the softw…

  • Apple Quicktime Pro 7

    Apple Quicktime Pro 7 - moosers's review


    I had no problems with installing Apple Quicktime Pro 7, as it came installed when I got my Apple Mac Book Pro. It has always run smoothly and easily for me, without any issues whatsoever. I use it to play videos on my computer and occasionally to pl…

  • Cockos Ninjam [Freeware]

    Cockos Ninjam [Freeware] - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by damnedi/translated from Audiofanzine FR) The client installation is a bit confusing in the beginning and you'll have to look in forums for different explanations regarding the Client Ninjam configuration. Tip: don't …

  • Jeskola Jeskola BUZZ Tracker

    Jeskola Jeskola BUZZ Tracker - FP User's review


    Buzz is a sketchpad delight, it is very fast to setup sequence, synthesis, and effects all in one 'chain of machines'. It is indeed modular, it has extended tracking capabilities, and it now has a ton of things that previous reviewers neglected becau…