Cort MGM-1
Cort MGM-1
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YuriW 07/15/2014

Cort MGM-1 : YuriW's user review

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- In What Country was it made? (USA, Japan, Mexico, France...)
- How many frets, Pickup Type and Configuration?
- What type of Bridge(Floyd, Wilkinson...)?
- What are the setting controls (volume, tone, pickup selector position)?
- What type of neck?...
Made in Korea, 22 frets, two mighty mite humbuckers, tune-o-matic bridge, 3 positions pickup selector (bridge, both and neck), one volume knob and one tone knob with that push-pull thing that makes the pickups sound like single coil ones, pretty cool. Neck is not too thick, not too thin, very comfortable in my opinion.


- Easy access to the top notes (last frets)?
Easier than in any les paul, tele or strat, just have a look at any picture of the guitar and you'll see it.

- Is it's design ergonomic(in terms of the shape, weight...)?
I really like the shape, its a bit heavy compared to guitars made out of other types of wood, but nothing that will kill you. The playability is a bit like a les paul and the instrument's weight is evenly distributed (if you ever played some SG's you know what I'm talking about, the neck heavier than the body, you have to keep pushing it up all the time...).

- Can one easily get a nice sound?
Plug and play, man!


I really see it as a les paul-like guitar, for the construction type and hardware. I play my Cort with .011 strings and the guitar likes marshall amps (and the likes) for overdriven rock n' roll stuff the most. I can't really say that is sounds bad in a certain amp or pedal, to me it's all about how you set it up... but it never took me too long to find a tone that I like.

Have to say, though, that if you have an pedal eq with 7 or 10 bands its even easier to find your sound. Cutting a couple dB at around 200Hz always helps to 'clean up' the sound, specially if you're using the neck pickup, that can get a little muddy with some distortion.

Also, splitting the pickups is a nice resource, but won't make it sound like a strat. You also lose some gain in single coil position, so its kinda cool to quickly have less drive and less low end by just pulling a button. :)

There's a lot of styles you could play with it, I think it goes well with rock n' roll (any setting), blues (any setting), jazz (with the neck pickup and the tone closed a little... even better if you have heavy gauge strings), some old school metal. If you want to play really have stuff, though, I think there are better options around, with active pickups and stuff.


I've played lots of guitars and think that the Cort MGM is a great model for it's price, I would say as good as the epiphones that are 40%, 50% more expensive, so absolutely worth it.

If you ever have the chance of buying one, know that you'll have a solidly constructed, versatile, good sounding, good looking instrument, with some useful features and great playability. :)