Cort MGM-1
Cort MGM-1
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Jeff Willorun 11/19/2005

Cort MGM-1 : Jeff Willorun's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Guitar made in Korea (South!)
2 humbuckers with toggle-switch, one volume, one tone and split on all
positions by pulling the tone knob.
gibson bridge type, beautiful presentation, especially for the price


Channel thick enough but you get used quickly, the width is reasonable and the frets are not troublesome
Access to acute is easy, better than a Les Paul, for example
Limited weight, ergonomics faultless
for sound, the hardest part is adjusting the height of good mics (especially the bass)
to have a clear enough power
for my style of music (blues), the sound is very good even with effects, sounds with the microphone split approach the telecaster, but there is a loss of power


Absolutely, I bought it for that
I play with a preamp HK tubeman a reverb / delay Boss, a Cry Baby wah-wah, an MXR phase 90, all live in the PA
I play with this guitar as with the other: the two pots always on bottom, with a volume pedal, even for other musical styles, it works
I prefer the sound of the neck pickup, with or without saturation, but the other mic positions also give good results


I use it for 6 months
this guitar is not a copy, it is an instrument with personality
I do not like the mechanical faux ivory and I'm not sure what, but that's all.
since the 60s, I had a lot of guitars in hand, I have a telecaster and a US strato ditto
value for money is excellent (€ 550 in Music Pournin Déols 36130)
I n "will not hesitate a moment to repeat that choice