Cort MGM-1
Cort MGM-1
Phyletsab 07/27/2007

Cort MGM-1 : Phyletsab's user review


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The characteristics that does not mean anything. Dj this guitar is very beautiful especially in his book not as the sunburst table Saddle pommel is sublime. Finish is neat and the components seem correct mine a few years and no signs of wear on the varnish or fittings. with a short neck but a little pais a highway on the button, the static balance +++++


And when one branch continues the sound of the neck pickup is really Excellent splitter or not he gives serious sublime while remaining usable during solos in this position and that's good because it arrives at the critical point of the mine bridge pickup: after full testing I could not find a suitable with this microphone. it is very soft and mediums in two and became acute was exaggerated screaming in horror a simple short, I succeeded in lowering it a lot concerver, in central position, the qualities of the neck pickup with more clarity but it is I asked him and I almost never plays on it. it is a treat after everything else I like


They say they found his guitar one day I'm sure it's the one and as I find the mic that will give the highs it deserves I have not finished putting my hands on


It's mine